Cognitive Systems


Cognitive systems’ team is developing its own theoretical base and has practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence systems on the basis of neural networks.

We provide the following services:

A. Markup of unstructured data for machine learning tasks
Data markup service is useful for those who have accumulated enough data for analysis, but the format of the data is not suitable for "understanding" by popular programs. Whether it's text, numerical statistics, video or sound, we can help you mark up and structure them for computer understanding. To do this, we have ready-made solutions as well as specialists with experience in solving such problems.

B. Verification of scientific or business hypotheses based on Big Data analysis
Your business has slowed down? Want to find the causes and drivers of growth? Have a technologically complex process or scientific research? Today, it is possible to find the answers with the help of a powerful model that quantifies the relationship between cause and effect. Any hypothesis can be confirmed or disproved by modern methods of modeling taking into account the volume of initial data. A proven hypothesis turns into valuable knowledge that will help to develop both business and science.

C. Development of artificial intelligence systems
Not a long time ago artificial intelligence systems could have been seen only in science fiction films, and today they help to earn and save money. The introduction of AI into the working processes will significantly speed up the solution of standard tasks in a timely manner to identify the mistakes in decisions and to provide the necessary fresh analytics at any time of the day.