This section presents scientific publications of the Cognitive Systems team as well as publications about us in the media.

The art of the possible
Meet your new personal assistant. What is artificial intelligence capable of?
Artificial intelligence in retail is needed to optimize performance.
Waiting for miracles, ordinary miracles.
A. Artemov, A. Sergeev, I. Khasenevich

Intelligent computer programs come on the heels of representatives not only simple, but even creative professions such an interpreter and journalist, threatening in the near future to oust them from the market.

The Training of Neuromodels for Machine Comprehension of Text. Brain2Text Algorithm
A. Artemov, A. Sergeev, I. Khasenevich, A. Uzhakov, M. Chugunov

Nowadays, the Internet represents a vast informational space, growing exponentially and the problem of search for relevant data becomes essential as never before. The algorithm proposed in the article allows to perform natural language queries on content of the document and get comprehensive meaningful answers. The problem is partially solved for English as SQuAD contains enough data to learn on, but there is no such dataset in Russian, so the methods used by scientists now are not applicable to Russian.

Informational Neurobayesian Approach to Neural Networks Training. Opportunities and Prospects
Artem Artemov, Eugeny Lutsenko, Edward Ayunts, Ivan Bolokhov

A study of the classification problem in context of information theory is presented in the paper. Current research in that field is focused on optimisation and bayesian approach. Although that gives satisfying results, they require a vast amount of data and computations to train on.