• Markup of data
  • Verification of hypotheses
  • Development of AI systems

Markup of unstructured data for machine learning tasks

It is no secret that today knowledge becomes a new driver for business development: knowledge about customers and their preferences, about expenditures, production process, etc. Proper processing and analysis of data is the key to improving competitiveness. That is why today most companies collect the maximum amount of data about their customers and users – this way they conduct effective advertising campaigns and optimize costs. Large, medium, and even small businesses have a wealth of data that they don't use.

One of the main reasons is that this data is collected in an arbitrary format that cannot be automatically processed. With data markup service - whether it's text, numerical statistics, video or sound - your data will become a valuable resource that will take your company forward. To do this, we have ready-made solutions as well as specialists with experience in solving such problems.

Verification of hypotheses with artificial intelligence systems

In recent years, artificial intelligence systems based on neural networks have opened up many new opportunities. Neural networks allow to identify hidden patterns that are invisible to humans, but can be very significant.

One of the common areas of their use is testing hypotheses in science and business. For example, modern scientific research is often associated with the processing of large amounts of data, which can take the researcher most of his time. For example, neural networks are able to diagnose cancer in patients with greater accuracy than professional doctors on the basis of medical images.

The same is with business. How to understand why your business has slowed down? Want to find the causes and drivers of growth? Not enough data to draw the necessary conclusions? With the help of artificial intelligence systems, it is possible to do it quickly and efficiently. We will help you answer the most difficult questions.
To do this, we:

  • help to collect the necessary data;
  • perform data markup;
  • build a model based on neural networks;
  • test the model and test your hypothesis.

Just a few clicks separate you from gaining valuable knowledge.

Development of artificial intelligence systems

Not a long time ago artificial intelligence systems could have been seen only in science fiction films, and today they help to earn and save money. The introduction of AI systems into the working processes allows to speed up the solution of highly complex tasks, in a timely manner to identify the mistakes in decisions and to provide the necessary fresh analytics at any time of the day.

Among these tasks is forecasting of costs and revenues, analysis of customer preferences, analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns etc. Depending on the needs of the company, we will develop a management decision support system, an advanced chatbot or semantic search system, that will improve the efficiency of business processes, and, consequently, the company’s competitiveness. If necessary, the systems can be integrated with the CRM, receiving the necessary data from it.

The following services have already been implemented on the basis of the BRAIN2 platform:

BRAIN2Search Product Search System is an intelligent search and recommendation system. Being trained on the store’s product range, it corrects spelling errors, and can choose the closest alternatives to the desired product based on qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

The internal search system is the most important component of any online store. Only 40% of buyers are ready to look for a product, studying the catalog for a long time. The rest use the search system, where they regularly make spelling mistakes, enter incorrect names or incorrect configurations, which does not allow the search engine to find a suitable product.

As a result, the potential client goes to look for it someplace else. According to one study, search errors deprive online stores up to 30% of their customers. But, using BRAIN2Search, the client will find the desired goods, and the store will obtain one more buyer.

BRAIN2Calc Business Analytics is a business calculator, with the help of which even a person without special skills and high costs can predict the prices of various goods and services based on a number of characteristics. For example, it could be trained on data uploads from eBay or AliExpress. It is enough for the client to upload an Excel-table with the data to their personal cabinet, select the parameter of interest, the value of which he wants to determine and wait for the model to learn.

By downloading, for example, a database with prices for housing the user will receive a forecast for the price of the apartment, the parameters of which he will determine himself.

In the same way, the client will be able to find out the demand for goods and services, determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and much more.

Chat Bots and Online Consultant BRAIN2Reply is an online consultant which answers frequently asked questions of the website's clients autonomously, instantly and around the clock. In case of inability to answer the question in can pass it to the human operator. At the same time, the service does not need to be set up for a long time – it can teach itself in the background on the dialogues of consultants with clients.

83% of users come up with questions when shopping online. If an online-store provides the option of a chat with a consultant – 75% users prefer it to searching for answers on their own. However, chats of small and medium-sized companies are regularly not able to meet the demand: a small number of consultants leads to a critically long waiting time, and during the peak hour of online shopping-20:00-21:00 – consultants of many stores do not work at all.

As a result, online stores lose up to 45% of users who refuse to buy goods without finding quick answers to their questions. This will never happen if you use BRAIN2Reply.

Semantic Search System BRAIN2Search is a robot assistant that "reads" the text of any volume and subject in a small amount of time and then answers the questions in natural language. At the core of the service is a language processor that is able to understand texts in natural language without preliminary markup by a person.

Each year the number of texts in the world doubles, while the speed of reading is the same as it was 100 years ago – only 200-250 words per minute for ordinary texts and 50-70 words for technical ones. This becomes a problem for many companies – employees spend too much time working with texts, customers refuse goods and services not wanting to bother studying information and reference materials.

BRAIN2Search service is a kind of intelligent amplifier which helps to solve such situations in a matter of minutes processing texts and giving answers to any questions.

Individual Solutions
Didn’t find the service you are interested in? We can develop a unique AI system that will perfectly fit the needs of your company.