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  • Brain2 Service

Brain2 Service

BRAIN2 is a powerful neural network training platform based on our own framework. BRAIN2 is based on the Informational Neurobayesian Approach which allows to interpret the weights of neural networks as the amount of information. This approach has a lower computational complexity compared to traditional methods and therefore allows to build large models with limited computing resources.

Users have access to a personal account, where they can build and test models based on their data. BRAIN2 will be useful for professionals working in the field of Big Data and machine learning.

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BRAIN2NLP language processor

BRAIN2NLP language processor is an intelligent engine for natural text processing. Its distinctive feature is the underlying Semantic Vector Model, the task of which is to find semantic relations in the text. It can (unlike Word2Vec and other similar solutions) select and consider the necessary context of the word.

BRAIN2NLP will be useful for professionals working with large amounts of unstructured texts – be it thousands of pages of reports, scientific articles, descriptions of goods and services, social media posts or articles. With the help of our linguistic processor you will be able to turn text into useful knowledge with which it will be convenient to work and quickly find necessary information.

With BRAIN2NLP you will be able to:

  • Automatically detect the language of texts;
  • Split text into paragraphs, sentences and words;
  • Conduct a morphological analysis of words;
  • Carry out the syntactic analysis of sentences;
  • Transform test into n-grams;
  • Determine the semantic vector of words;
  • Identify a wide range of named entities in the text;
  • Conduct a semantic comparison of texts.

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